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Data Engineering with ... match

SQL's "Having" Clause

The Age-old Problem - Logging and Monitoring

Do a project. Learn something.

Kubernetes for Data Engineers

The Double Edged AI Coding Sword

Reducing Memory Consumption

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Immutability for Data Engineers

Delta Lake Liquid Clustering vs Partitioning

Simplify Delta Operations with MERGE and COPY INTO

Spark vs Polars. Real-life Test Case.

To Exist ... Or Not

Python vs Rust. Memory Usage and Speed.

Config Driven Pipelines

My Journey as a Data Engineer - Visually

Thoughts on data in the Cloud (S3).

The Truth about Databricks vs Snowflake

Introduction to UUIDs for Data Engineers

Goodbye Spark. Hello Polars + Delta Lake.

A Treatise on Database Connections, Cursors, and Transactions.

Thoughts on Abstraction and Complexity

They said Streaming would overtake Batch.

Json -> Parquet. Python vs. Rust.

Everyone's Talking about Vector Databases. I tried one.

Life Updates - Working Hard and Rest.

Demystifying the Large Language Models (LLMs)

Loop vs Map vs ...

Bytes for Data Engineers

DuckDB for Data Engineering

A Primer on Data Architecture (Design)

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Why (some data people) Love Rust?

Primer on Data Quality

My Love, Hate Relationship.

Most Data Engineers are Mid

Using Rust to explore Distributed Systems

Data Modeling 101 - Part 2

SQL Joins + Where Clauses.

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MLOps 101 - Model Training

Async Rust for Data Engineers

MLOps 101 - Feature Stores

Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, and Hardship in the Workplace

New Mojo Lang for Data Engineering

Data Modeling at Scale.


MLOps Basics - For Data Engineers.

Become a Terrible Data Engineer.

DSA For The Rest Of Us - Part 4

The "Brittleness" Problem in Data Pipelines.

The best kept secret to ML success.

Join me on Notes

When a good engineer goes bad.

The Truth about Prefect, Mage, and Airflow.

DSA For The Rest Of Us - Part 3

DSA For The Rest Of Us - Part 2

Future proof yourself against AI.

DSA For The Rest Of Us - Part 1

Rayon in Rust vs Python Process and Thread Pools.

Contributing to Open-Source Software.

Failure. The Best Teacher.

Should you use GitHub's CoPilot to write your code?

Data Engineering and not loosing your mind.

Data What???

Debugging Data Pipelines.

Hey. You. Yes you. Come here.

Unit Testing for Data Engineers.

How to deal with ambiguity.

Supercharge your Data Engineering Career.

What's the big deal with Immutability?

The Data World Revolves around Partitions.

Reducing Cloud Costs in 2023

Data Modeling 101 - Part 1.

Designing BETTER Data Pipelines.